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Art is like a brutally honest friend to me.

Art will always hear out my troubles and then force me to see things from a different point of view.

Even if the truth hurts.

Art will tell my brain to stop being lazy and to start figuring a way to solve a problem creatively.

Even if the easier option is so tempting.

Art will tell me the effort I put into something is not enough.

I have to give it just a little more.

Art almost always gives me instant feedback, albeit I choose to ignore it most of the time or do the exact opposite.

And after doing the wrong thing Art will look at me, saying "I told you!"
That's probably why I can't stand art sometimes, even if Art meant well.

I am studying Data Science and currently interested in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Models and (Computational) Neuroscience.

I want to understand the brain but mainly I want to be part of the technological advances of AI. I want to be part of the discussion on our future. 

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